Our Services:

Listed below are a few of our specialities, With further skills in 3D printing, Software Development and Automation.

Industrial PLC/HMI Refurbishment/Refit

Replacement of EOL industrial PLC/HMI systems with low cost modern alternatives.

Low-Voltage Electonics

Automotive Electronics

Installation and maintenance of

  • Fleet Trackers (From Single installations to 1000s)
  • Solar Power systems (Batteries, Charging)
  • Power generation
  • Electronic Heating
Laser Marking

Fibre Laser (Metal) Marking

Metal marking (Non-jewellery)
Asset tagging (Surface-Etched, cannot be wiped off)

Laser Cutting

CO2 Laser Cutting/Marking

Custom Gaskets (Paper, Cork, EPDM, Nitrile/NBR)
Custom LED Diffusing signage