Our Services:

Listed below are a few of our specialities, With further skills in 3D printing, Software Development and Automation.

Industrial PLC/HMI Refurbishment/Refit

Replacement of EOL industrial PLC/HMI systems with low cost modern alternatives.

Low-Voltage Electonics

Automotive Electronics

Installation and maintenance of

  • Fleet Trackers (From Single installations to 1000s)
  • Solar Power systems (Batteries, Charging)
  • Power generation
  • Electronic Heating
Laser Marking

Immobilise Asset Marking

Laser etched unique markings for use with the immobilise asset registration database.

You should mark all your assets to deter thieves and help recover assets that have been stolen.

Marked assets can easily be identified by Police and professional buyers, making them hard to offload and thus less of a target.

Laser Marking

Fibre Laser (Metal) Marking

Metal marking (Non-jewellery)
Asset tagging (Surface-Etched, cannot be wiped off)

Laser Cutting

CO2 Laser Cutting/Marking

Custom Gaskets (Paper, Cork, EPDM, Nitrile/NBR)
Custom LED Diffusing signage